About W.O.W.

Water is powerful. It's one of those things that can both make you or break you, sustain you or kill you, can be good for you or be bad for you. That's why I love water. It's clear, colorless, odorless, and yet, it tastes good, too. Our bodies consist of 60% water while our brains are composed of 70% water. We float on water while inside our mother's womb and this is why experts say that water is like second skin for infants right after they are born. Have you heard of water birth? A lot of new mothers are getting into this form of delivery because they say it's more natural, less painful for both the mother and the baby, and the baby's entry into the world is less "traumatic." Even the earth is covered with water, around 70% of the planet is water.

At the same time, I also dread water. Those huge, bottomless bodies of water, I'm scared of them. Primarily because I'm not a strong swimmer. I can float and swim in shallow waters but oceans and lakes are out of my league. Also, with the onslaught of the industrial and commercial world, people are warned to be careful with what water to drink. Water contamination and toxicity are becoming one of the world population's growing concerns. These days, it doesn't mean that when there's water that we can just drink anytime. Although this latter issue is not inherent in water, it has given H2O a bad rap. See what I mean about making and breaking you? Water can do that.

On these qualities of water I did dare to name this blog after. These are my own thoughts, opinions, feelings and emotions, my beliefs and upbringing, which I'd like to share with anyone who likes to read and is willing to listen. I know my writings can either "make me or break me" but if I don't do what I love and be brave in sharing a part of myself even to strangers, these words will stay within me forever. Since it is my goal and intention to share my faith in Jesus Christ, the Son of God, and Who is my Savior, it is my hope that this blog will be more of Him and less of me. Everything I think of, and all that I do and say is for His own glory. I pray that I will be pleasing to Him.

Lastly, for me it's also apt to name my blog as Writings on Water since my Savior walks on water and by the command of His voice, rains and storms calm down. And also, in my home country, the Philippines, to write on water means to forget everything, from offenses to sins, from debts and past hurts. So, it is my desire that this blog will be "forgiven" for its misgivings and assumptions, for its errors and hearsay, and for my audacity in sharing my humanity to all.

God bless and thank you!
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